Summit Concept

Banking scenario is changing fast and unleashing itself into new horizon day by day. Government of India & RBI are also trying to promote transparent and reliable mode of financial transactions. E-commerce has changed the way we do our purchasing today. This has helped populating online transactions. Young generations today prefer plastic money instead of carrying paper cash. A cashless approach to money is proving to be a powerful form of empowerment for our economy. Technology is playing vital role in taking banking into a new horizon.

With the aim to promote the cashless dream, Governance Today will organize ‘3rd India’s Payment Corridors – Towards Cashless Future’  2017 which would bring together experts from top banking and financial organization and institutions. The summit would not only act as a platform for discussing various financial and technical innovations that are taking the financial world by storm, but also provide a stage where policy related matters, necessitated by the emergent realities, can be deliberated upon.